Ru Ki - a Love Story from Another World

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Ru Ki is the story of a woman and a man living in separate distant galaxies who accidentally discover each other by way of a mysterious power.

But while they fall in love and seek a way to meet, someone else is learning how to destroy their worlds …

… and ours.

So you came across this book the other day – if you can even call it a “book” – just a stack of papers that all look like they’ve been crumpled up and then unfolded.

Each page has a bit of written text or a hand-drawn illustration on it, with a symbol or two at the top that might be … numbers? You’re not sure, most of them look like animals.

Plus, it isn’t even in order. So you’re not even sure where the beginning, middle or end really are.

But it’s been eating at you ever since you found it, and you’ve never been one to back down from a good puzzle.

Weirdest of all, it keeps mentioning “you” as if the book is actually trying to tell you something … something about a message …

Questions? Email the author, Easton Ellsworth.